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Discover TalentSpot - a free talent pool allowing shorter recruiting timelines and improved cost savings to your recruitment budget.

We provide all our clients with the option of a free Talent Pool – The Recruitment Hub’s TalentSpot. The TalentSpot is exclusive to your organisation, and allows you to identify suitable candidates from an increasing pool of active and passive candidates who have passed through our registration process, were deemed potentially appropriate and have expressed an interest in being considered for future roles within your organisation.

We will fully manage and grow your talent pool free of charge.

When a vacancy arises, your TalentSpot can be used as the first candidate source prior to posting the vacancy on an Intranet or externally, allowing shorter recruiting timelines due to the pool of candidates already accumulated. It enables you to select from a pool of potentially pre-qualified candidates rather than having to run a full-scale recruitment advertising campaign each time you recruit, thus potentially reducing cost per hire. In addition to the potential reduction of your recruitment costs and timelines, using TalentSpot gives you access to a high calibre of candidates who are interested in working for your organisation.

In addition to hosting the Talent Pool, we are able to take responsibility for maintaining regular contact with these candidates via email, text or telephone. This frequent communication allows us to keep abreast of any changes in circumstances, and inform candidates of up coming vacancies they may be interested in. We will ensure that any candidate who no longer wishes to be considered for future roles is removed from the system, allowing the Talent Pool to remain accurate and up to date at all times.

Reduce your cost per hire

It costs nothing to set up and use the TalentSpot. If you select and appoint a candidate from your TalentSpot, you will automatically save 10% off your introduction fee.

Even if you only need to fill a role once in a blue moon, we think you’ll find TalentSpot invaluable.
The benefits of using TalentSpot for your talent pool

  • The Talent Pool is exclusive to you, and is accessible by no one but you
  • You are able to view the candidate details held in the Talent Pool at any time to see whether suitable candidates are available for new roles, as they arise
  • Instant access to candidates you know are interested in working for your organisation, allowing shorter recruitment timelines
  • Reduced need for advertising, potentially lessening your cost per hire
  • Ability to search for candidates with the specific experience and skills you require
  • Find skilled people for your hard to fill and specialist roles faster
  • Target passive and active jobseekers
  • Gather market intelligence and see what your competitors are doing
  • Reach unique networks of potential candidates
  • Attract a more diverse group of jobseekers
  • Increase your candidate pool for final selection
  • Work with an experienced and dedicated team focussed on your unique requirements


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The Recruitment Hub operates in accordance with the current legislation. In the event that a job specification submitted is found to be in breach of such legislation we will notify you of the detail as soon as practicable and decide an appropriate alternative approach.

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