Change Up Your Job Search Plan

Getting to “Yes”

Damona Sain of New Career Horizons shared the story of a salesman recognizing that it took him 30 “no’s” to get to a “yes.” Consequently, he thanked all the “no” responses for getting him one “no” closer to the “yes.” Job Seekers have their share of “no’s” – but the search must continue to get through to the final “YES!”


Change Up Your Job Search Plan

If you are you struggling to find a job despite all the time and effort you’re expending, Sital Ruparelia, founder of 6 Figure Career Management writes that there are 10 ways to change the world and land a job.

His basic advice – stop looking.

Having gained your attention with that shocking statement, he goes on to explain. Rather than spending your whole week  job searching, spend part of your week doing something completely different. And he is not suggesting watching TV or ‘doing lunch’ with friends.

Instead, he suggests doing something of value, something that would make a difference to someone else. By spending more time helping others, and less time on your own search, you’ll paradoxically find that you improve your chances of finding work.

Of his 10 suggestions, 4 directly correlate to your job search activities and should be incorporated into your job search plan.

  • Start a blog and share your opinions on a topic or subject you care about
  • Give a talk at a college or university on a subject where you have some expertise
  • Share everything you’re learning about job searching with other job seekers who are out of work
  • Volunteer your time and skills to a charity or non-profit  

These efforts cost nothing, other than some part of your time, yet some important benefits accrue including:

  • An increased sense of purpose and achievement
  • Increase in self esteem
  • Meeting new people and widening your network
  • You’ll have a unique answer to that interview question: “So what have you been doing with your time since you finished your last job?”
  • You’ll develop some new skills (e.g. speaking, writing, mentoring, teaching) which can give you another edge in the job market
  • Good karma. What goes around comes around


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