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CIPD call the UK jobs market flat but better

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development has called the UK jobs market flat but better responding to the latest economic position.

Chief economist for the CIPD Dr John Philpott said: “Judging by these latest figures the UK jobs market is in somewhat better shape than for a while but remains fairly flat. The rise in headline unemployment has slowed, claimant unemployment continues to fall, and employment is broadly stable with growth in private sector jobs (up 12,000 in the three months to March) just outstripping a fall (down 7,000) in public sector jobs.

“Signs of recovery in the private sector jobs market – which reflect the findings of forward looking surveys of employers hiring intentions, including the CIPD’s own quarterly survey – are welcome but beg the question whether the private sector will be able to fill the jobs gap once the process of public sector downsizing gets fully underway.”

“Moreover, while the private sector jobs market is improving all the net new jobs being created at present are either part-time, temp positions or filled by the self-employed. The number of employees and self-employed people working part-time because they could not find a full-time job has increased to 1.08 million, the highest level recorded since comparable figures were introduced in 1992.”

Recruitment Consultant   Friday June 18, 2010

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